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When you read these descriptions of photographers they are always written  in the third person, who are we kidding? We wrote them ourselves... Well I'm writing most of this, apart from certain keywords I've been advised to add in the interest of website optimization...

I've spent the last 10 years working as a photographer in London. I now work between London and Sydney so I get the best of both worlds.

I started my career shooting Fashion and Beauty which I still love but the last few years I have specialised in Celebrity portraiture for TV show promotions, Advertising and Celebrity Magazines. 

I love producing photographic Tableaux, creating a scene with people that has some kind of narrative. I am normally given a concept and then we tell the story by dressing a location, building a set or shooting blue/green screen and adding environments. I like to do my own retouching, at least on the editorial, I think it is part of the creative process (I'm sure it also makes me cost effective too!)

It's the diversity of my photography that makes it fun, regular clients use me as their "go to" guy when they have a tricky brief. There is nothing better than being challenged by an art director or picture editor to solve a problem.

I was sent into the Big Brother House a couple of years ago to shoot Brian Dowling, the presenter, and then again towards the end of the season as a task for the last 5 housemates. What an experience, but if you ever get the chance to go in, take my advice and use the restroom before you go in, yuk! 

Behind the scenes of X Factor and at the BBC I've built elaborate sets in green rooms so the talent don't have to go too far from filming. Hotel rooms are a favourite for Big Brother, there would be hell to pay if any of the contestants saw each other before the show!

OK magazine sent me to shoot "at home' with Simon Cowells's mum!! That was pretty exciting...  I think that means I'm one degree of separation from the big guy!

It's often tricky to get all the talent from one show together in one place so it's become fairly normal to shoot people individually and to comp them together in complex group shots. I've done this for everything from TV advertising jobs to editorial shoots with the cast of "The only way is Essex" or "Big Brother".

Oh and always against the clock, everyone has got somewhere else they need to be. One Direction gave me 45 minutes last time I shot them, to produce the images for a double fold out cover and 5 interview pages for YOU magazine. (there is a little back stage video HERE)  I didn't mind, they were being shot by Patrick Demarchelier straight after me... (Legend!)

With Selena Gomez, I had about 5 mins per shot in an old run down pub in the east end of London and we had dogs running around at the same time, we were prepared for the shoot, we were not prepared for how scared the Disney PR was going to be about our seedy location.

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