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A bit about me...

I started working as a photographer because I just love working with people. For me a photograph is not complete without a Human in it. It's always about the person in front of the lens. Who are they? What is the message or emotion they trying to communicate?

My ideal client are the people who really want to make a positive impact to people's lives and the world we live in. If that is you then the first thing you need is trust and I can help you with that.

People may love a company or brand because they love the products they create but they will never truly connect with those brands the way they can with a fellow human being. So be that Human, be authentic, be you.

Once you've created the environment where your audience feels the emotion you are trying to evoke then they will read, they will click, they will take action!

Are you interested in working together? 

Let's catch up for Coffee, that's what people do in Sydney right?


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