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Dean has a fantastic beard, he looks serious because that is the brand he is trying to express in his portrait shoot

Professional Photography that Represents You, Your Personality and Your Brand.

Indigiousnous Australian standing on Bondi Beach, the beach looks deserted, it is dawn and the clouds look heavy in the sky
Business Owner Dreili stands against a railing smiling and looking happy for her personal brand portrait, the background looks industrial which she stands out from looking professional and relaxed.
Kate is the owner of Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst, during a professional photoshoot with a large group of yogi's she is doing a one-legged yoga pose and laughing.
Sarah is laughing holding her hair and smiling at the camera, she looks relaxed and candid
During her Personal Branding shoot, Rowena is sitting on the kitchen benchtop eating a strawberry, she is laughing and looks very relaxed

For me a photograph is not complete without a Human.
It's about the person in front of the lens. Who they are and the message or emotion they want to communicate.

During a promotional shoot on Bondi Beach, Cate sits crossed legged on a rock and the birds seem to circle her head, this looks magical
Businessman Uwe, who works in Sydney's CBD is talking to someone off camera laughing wearing a smart suit and tie
2 Indigiousnous Australians stand against a sandstone wall, the professional photographer has used a short depth of field to create a dramatic image
Michael laughing in the swimming pool, he just fell in during his branding photoshoot and is finding it hilarious
Lots of people are sitting in the boardroom laughing at something Vanessa has just said, this is a candid moment shot for a corporate website
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